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All 4 Winds Nubian Dairy Goats
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There are 2 links here on this page.
The first is for does that will kid here this year. The next is for the goats that we had in the years 2000 and 2001. These are for reference mostly.

Click here to see more pictures of the senior does to freshen this kidding season, most also have their sires and dams pictured after them.

Click here to see some of the goats that we had in the herd in NY...most of the animals that are behind the goats that we have now.

* Just Revised*

Click on the pic of the doe and see their pedigrees..

The Cold Springs Shyanne
Shyanne very bred 7yr old 8th freshening, she is sister to Sundance in NY pics

Country Garden Camellia
Cami 05 the day of kidding

Split Creek Ruby Baby
Ruby dry and open in 05

All 4 Winds That's My Girl
Racheal dry and open in 06, HES score 92.5

Cam's Menagerie DY Diva
Diva 05 preggers with triplets

Le Fleur's TP LA Papillion
Pappy open and dry in 04, she is 1/2 sister to Sinjin on Bucks page

Reuel Amber's J.J. Arlene
Arlene day of kidding in 05

Song of Joy Ebony
Ebony as a 5 yr old dry. She is 1/2 sister to Saki, Mona,Pete

All 4 Winds Stardust
Stardust at 6 weeks, will update soon also. 1/2 sister to Jack and Saki

All 4 WindsMK Sakisan
This is Mo, Saki's sire, will update pics of her when she kids. 1/2 sister to Ebony, Mona, Pete,Jack

Jordan Valley CP Rosemary
Rosie very pregger in 05

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