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All 4 Winds Nubian Dairy Goats

2005 Kids

2005 Kids
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Here are some of the kids we have had this year and the future of our herd.
You know how kids are and there are some that did not seem very happy when taking their glamour shots. We will update soon and get the rest of them on here for viewing.
We kept several doelings from our 05 kidding season.  We choose to keep the doelings below here for us to kid out.  The rest of the doelings went to a friend in Georgia for her to use this kidding season.  Below is  a list of the does retained but not here.
Sno Pea/Pete
These young ladies will return after kidding for us to use next year........

Rosemary/Pete doeling, yearling pic
She will be bred to either Sinjun or Nick for winter kidding

Ebony/Daktari doeling, yearling pic
This doeling will be bred to Nick for winter kidding

Click here to see some of this years kids

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