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Welcome to our home here in cyberspace.
Our actual home is in the sunny state of Florida where we have resided for the last 4 years being caregivers for my grandparents. They have both gone to be with the Lord now and our work is almost done here.
We are anticipating a move to Georgia in the coming year and are looking forward to having room to spread our wings a little. We will be residing on family land that is part of a 200+ acre farm that Rusty's grandfather worked and raised his children on. What better place to raise our children and make our home. Rusty has many wonderful memories of time with his Grandpa and is looking forward to having some time to spend with him after the move. We are all eager to have our own abode with land to cultivate into our 'little piece of heaven southern style'.

Now back to the goats.
Our current herd is a blending of breedings from different herds that have the traits that we find valuable in dairy nubians. Over the years of having animals in general, one lesson well learned is that you can either breed just what everyone else wants or you can breed what you like in your animals. We prefer to breed what we like, it is just not as rewarding if you do not enjoy what you are doing.
We breed for correct conformation with sound feet and legs, long necks and level toplines and rumps, deep dairy bodies and well attached capacious mammaries that will do what dairy goats are supposed to do-milk. We often use the saying, "Beauty is as beauty does" if the animal is not sound and is not a good milker then it has no use in our herd. Type is last as we consider it the icing on the cake. I also love color(spots), I just don't get it very often with the lines that I have used.
Of course very rarely do you get everything you want in one animal, that's were the fun comes in. We still work to achieve as many of these strengths in our animals as we can. Maybe someday we will breed the perfect animal, but until then we will enjoy each kidding season as they come.

Our herd consists of these lines
Bosque Valley
Song of Joy/Singing Cricket
Price O The Field
Fra Jac

Six M Galaxy
and a dash of Kismet
We have found that blending these lines together really works for us.

I would like to thank all of the people that have helped us with our animals and given us access to some of the fine breeding stock that we have had over the years. Many of them were Godsends in getting us started on the right track. Stephanie Pieck(Song of Joy) has been such a special friend to me over the years. She has given me endless encouragement in creating my own style of nubians even when things did not go just as planned.
Also a big thanks to Ayn Duncan of Laus Deo for taking over the majority of the herd in 2001 when we had to come to Florida and assume the caregiver position for Granny and PaPa. Without her all this hard work would have been lost. Thank you Ayn, we(and the goats) love you.

All kids are hand raised on heat treated milk, fed free choice hay, dewormed and vaccinated routinely and loved daily. We do use a Cocci prevention program here in Florida because of the wet weather and we also use BOSE for selenium. Hooves are a monthly routine at our farm. Our philosophy is ' No hoof no goat' same as in horses.
Our feed is milled for us locally and high in digestibility. We add corn oil and sometimes extra molasses for our girls. All of the goats have free choice access to hay, minerals and fresh water at all times. We also have been using a molasses mineral/protein block for the bred does and kids this fall.
We will be on the USDA Scrapie program starting in 2005 and we do test yearly for CAE, TB and Bruc.

Enjoy your visit to our cyber barn and let us know if we can fill in any information on animals that you are interested in.
Jennifer, Rusty, Sierra, Desaree' and baby Gracie

Sierra's Texan


Racheal daughter


Valentine daughter


Jennifer Wilkie
Orange Park FL

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