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Rusty has always had a love for longtailed breeds. When a good friend of ours was ill and needed to place his birds Rusty decided this was his opportunity to have some of these beautiful animals.
Since then we have really worked on this breed for type and quality. One thing that we have noticed is that Yokohamas are very sensitive to change and easy canidates for parasite infestation. This means that you really have to stay on top of mites, worms and cocci in this breed. They have very little resistance for eastern health problems that birds raised here have no problem with. They also require more room to grow the long spiral tails. We suggest flight style pens for keeping Yokohamas happy and healthy.
We currently have these colors in Yokohamas for 2005.
Red Shoulder
Blue Duckwing
Blue Red
Our goal this year is to raise more stock for our program and continue to produce healthy vigorous birds for other fanciers of the 'saddle dragger' breeds.
Egg prices include shipping and will start at $30 a dozen for Yokohamas.

One of our 3 yr old white Yokohama cocks out of the breeding pen