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Old English have always been Rusty's first love. Has owned and bred OEGB for over 20 years.
He has decided to limit his colors that he is working with to really concentrate on making the best birds that he can.
These are the colors that he now has in the barn.
Blue Splash-2 Trios FOR SALE
Porcelian-FOR SALE
Black Tailed Red-1 Pair FOR SALE
Brown Red-FOR SALE
Lemon Blue-FOR SALE
He breeds for type and carriage with a very wide tail fan. He has very good color and has done great at all of the shows that he has taken his birds to.
Below is a pic of his win at the National Show in Lake City Florida taking Best of Variety over 20+ splash with a 6 generation Rusty bird. He was tickled to pieces with that win.
We always have eggs and usually have started stock available for sale. We ship both eggs and birds. Egg prices include shipping and start at $20.
We are NPIP certified and have clean animals.

Blue Splash Cockerel at Nationals. Not a great pic, but he is a great bird.

Here is a link to more photos of Rusty's birds. We will work to get pics of all of the varieties soon.